Servants with a Purpose for Christ   (SWAP)                                                                   

This is a mission based organization that functions as an extension of the ministry here at KBC.

The main objective of this ministry is...                                                                                                  

To provide assistance to nationals, churches, missionaries and humanitarian aide workers in other countries (and   here in Canada) that require help with such things as renovation projects as well as assistance with programs and   other areas of ministry.   


Our Missions

~Mike & Mary Lou Rummey                                                                                                                                Organization is: ABWE                                                                                                                                              Location: Romania

~Kinmount Baptist Church has planted a Baptist church in Cuba                                                                                under the leadership of Pastor Elieser Lopez Hernandez                                                                                                KBC (Kinmount Baptiust Church) is the sole supporter of this of this new church                                                                        please pray as we strive to see the Kingdom of God be extended through this work

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